34 ski slopes and trails, ten lifts, and a vertical drop of over 700 feet.

Snowshoe Mountain, a pristine winter wonderland located in West Virginia that promises nonstop fun and adventure to every visitor, every season. This world-renowned ski resort provides a flawless winter holiday incline for skiers and snowboarders savoring each of the 257 acres’ slopes.

Snowshoe Mountain boasts of one of the most prominent vertical drops in the area, with an altitude of over 4,800 feet; it’s no wonder the mountain is considered the best winter sports destination in the east coast region with slopes catering to the needs of every competency. At Snowshoe Mountain, expect something new every day; their freestyle terrain parks provide everyone a chance to try out various challenging methods while still having the most fun and exciting times on the mountains.

Beyond the slopes, the resort has even more to explore during a winter-perfect getaway. Enjoy specific enjoyments such as snowmobiling, tubing lane flexibility and speed, and guided skiing adventures. Be it snowmobiling or taking a relaxing walk across the mountains’ clear and crisp woodlands. Guests can take part in outdoor recreational activities through a Whistlepig Adventures package, which includes snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. A plethora of resorts dining outlets and shops offer locals and or the culinary adventurous vacationers.

Fortunately, comfortable lodging is available near the slopes through lodges, condos, and other room types catering both skillful snowbirds and those who want to relax peacefully in nature. After a gorgeous and nerving day of adventure out on the slopes, there’s no better place to take a soak in than the resort’s rejuvenating full-service spa known to provide guests with the best possible relaxation environment, indoor/outdoor heated pools, and fitness centers to keep every guest revitalized for activities that await them on the mountains.

Every winter season, Snowshoe Mountain serves up unmissable excitement and adventure to visitors who appreciate the sweeping mountain tops and areas. The wide selection of slopes, thrilling recreational activities and beautiful nature sceneries provide visitors with the ultimate winter escapade that they will never forget. So what are you waiting for? Plan your next holiday break to Snowshoe Mountain ski resort in West Virginia and enjoy a unique and beautiful experience amid the awe-inspiring landscape of the east coast!